Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chairs and Stairs

We're into climbing everything. We love to climb on and off our new Emily-sized chair!

Thanks for the great early birthday gift, Grammy! She loves it!

This makes Mommy VERY nervous - the STANDING on the arms of the squishy chair. She does it to torment Marty in the backyard who is barking at her through the glass door.


Here we are giving pizza to her baby doll. We got a great kitchen set with dishes and pretend food from our friends and Emily just loves playing with it.

We can climb on and off the chair for HOURS. She loves exploring this.

And here we are going up the stairs. We go up like a champ. Often when I can't find her and I see someone (usually Big Sister) has left the baby gate open, I can find her upstairs in the bathroom trying to climb in the tub. Haven't learned how to go down the stairs yet. That will be scary, I'm sure.

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