Monday, October 27, 2008

Things in common with the Elderly.

Tonight we discovered that Emily has many things in common with the elderly.

1. Her name. Long associated with old ladies, the name "Emily" is making a comeback.

2. She uses diapers too.

3. Her love of PRUNES of all things! Out of all the different types of foods she's trying - granted it's only been cereal, pears, applesauce and prunes - PRUNES are her absolute favorite. Does not make funny faces or spit it out. Opens her mouth up wide, waiting for more!

When we're done eating of the spoon, we suck what's on the bib off. Lovely.

Grammy Comes to Visit!

Grammy came to visit us for her birthday! It was great to see her and we were happy to have her spend her birthday with us in VA.

We finally got a SMILE out of her on film! She normally smiles after the flash goes off.

Emily's first wedding

We traveled to North Carolina for our friend's wedding. Emily did great and looked adorable (but I'm a little biased.)

Apparently, the dress tasted good too.

Our little Party Animal!

Girl Scouts

We had our Bridging - or Flying Up - ceremony at Girl Scouts. This is where currentJunior scouts welcome new Juniors to the troop. The Brownies walk across the bridge and are welcomed into the troop.

Christina walking her new Junior across the bridge.

Emily likes Girl Scouts too. The other parents think I've lost my mind, letting the girls all take care of Emily. Two girls per meeting are in charge of Emily. By the end of the year, they will have all earned their Child Care badge.

Long overdue updates!

Here are some long overdue updates!

Picture of Emily falling asleep while eating.

Pictures from the Octoberfest in Arlington.

From our trip to Buffalo:
Emily with Great Grandma G
Emily, her cousin Gio, and Great Grandma. Gio was absolutely mesmerized by Em... kept trying to share his toys with the baby.

Christina spent a lot of time "decorating" Grandma and Grandpa's driveway for the party.

And back at home, our independent little one tries to feed herself.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Four Month check up

We had our 4 month appointment on Monday. Em weighs 11 lb 10 oz (10%), is 23 1/2 inches long (25%) and has a head circumfrence of 16 inches (50%). So she's still a peanut.

She did alright with the shots, although it didn't help that she also has a cold. At four months old, here are some likes, abilities and dislikes.

  • Daddy
  • Sadie
  • Jeopardy noises
  • Elmo
  • Big pink stuffed monkey
  • thumbs
  • feet
  • mirrors
  • Mommy singing "Wheels on the bus"
She can:
  • Almost sit unassisted
  • Laugh
  • reach for toys while on her belly
  • scream just for the joy of hearing herself
  • almost roll over - she gets 3/4 of the way there, then screams for Mommy to finish for her.
  • Sleep 12 hours through the night
  • Outfits with more than three snaps
  • toys that vibrate (they scare her)
  • ear drops or nose drops
  • the doctor