Monday, September 14, 2009

Emily's 15 Month Stats

She took her shots like a champ - barely whimpered. Nurse said of all the kids she gives shots to, Emily is the best at taking them. She didn't get it from Mommy.

She's 50% height (30 1/2 inches), 10% weight (20.5 lbs - long and lean), and 50% head circumference.

Doctor was VERY impressed with Emily's vocabulary - amazed that at 15 months she not only has a vocabulary of 50-100 words, complete with colors, "please" and 8-10 animal noises but she is also putting words together ("Baba, peeze (Bottle please... also goes for cheese, peas, strawberry, grapes)" "MOOVE Sa-ie (Move, Sadie)" "I wunning (I'm running)" and "I poo"). She guessed Emily will probably potty train early since she's letting us know what is going on with her diaper and using the potty at night before bath. Not concerned at Emily's recent vegetarian tendencies - suggested giving her tofu (ick) and beans (fun).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of 6th Grade!!


Emily riding her Fisher Price pony. She presses the button over and over to get to a song she likes, then she'll go. Sometimes when she gets stuck, she'll yell "GO!"