Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 4th Week in NJ

Emily and I took the train up to NJ on July 1, to spend some vacation time with Grammy before Daddy joined up with us for the 4th.

Thursday, we went to Abma's farm. They had a petting z00.

Emily enjoyed petting the pony. It didn't bite her, even though the sign said it might.

Then we walked over to see the pigs. Emily stood SCREECHING "PIGGIE!" at them.

On Friday, we went to the duck pond to meet up with Mommy's friend and her daughter, Emily.

"The two Emilys" weren't sure what to think of each other. Plus, my Emily was distracted by the ducks.

Emily P is way mellower than Emily O.

We went to feed the ducks. Both mommies didn't realize you are no longer allowed to feed the ducks, because 30 years ago when we were taken there, that's exactly what we did.

The girls weren't quite sure what to do with the bread.

Emily O was more interested in feeding the bread to herself than to the ducks.

But she enjoyed how close they all got to her.

Then the girls had a ride on the swings before we left. Dueling "WHEE!"

On the 4th, we went to Grumpy's funeral home to watch the parade, since it's on the route. This is where I watched the parade as a kid. I put Emily in front of the big flag to recreate the picture the local paper took of me 30 years ago.

Emily wasn't all that interested in the parade aka "1001 firetrucks". She liked the balloons. She wasn't really bothered by all the sirens. She LOVED the bagpipes.

After a few short naps at home, we went back to the funeral home for a BBQ and fireworks.

First slice of REAL NJ pizza with Grammy!

Emily and her cousin, Kayden. Neither were really interested in sitting for pictures.

Again, Kayden was more interested in grabbing and hugging and kissing Emily. Just like last September!

Once it got dark, the fireworks started. Emily was mesmorized by them!!