Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pictures from Christmas

Christmas at Grammy's!

We spent Christmas in NJ since Christina was at her mom's. Emily had a VERY nasty cold, but overall did really well on the trip. We had Christmas morning at Grammy's where Emily enjoyed her Exer-saucer. I don't know who invented this thing, but they deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

We then went to Grumpy's for dinner where Emily bonded with Tony, the rug.

"nice kitty"

"Hmm. I will stick my finger in it's nose."

"It's not so scary"

Not sure how we feel about riding Tony.

"It has a tongue bigger than Sadie, but isn't licking me to death with it. Hmm."

Just a quiet morning with Grammy.

We had lunch with my friend Lisa, where she gave Emily her first Devils hat!
She got to wear it later when watching the game with Grammy. Go Devils!

And finally, from today. I swear in the last few days, she's become a little person. Showing lots of personality, and even protesting when something is taken away (by screaming, of course). We had lunch with a friend and she kept grabbing for food off my plate. So I gave her the pickle. She LOVED it and gummed it to death!

Yummy! Thanks Mommy!

Pre Christmas pictures

Happy Holidays everyone!

Sorry for slacking as far as posting pictures goes. I'm trying to catch up!

A few from our Christmas party. I got a few of the babies, but not all the babies. At one point, there were three sitting in the dining room just chatting away with each other - all 5-6 months old. Very cute and probably a precursor to Emily's first birthday as far as guests go. What I really should have taken pictures of was the grown men pushing past children to play Guitar Hero on the Wii. That was funny!

Emily and her friend Evie (our sitter's daughter - they spend all day together)

Emily and Mommy's cousin, Gen. Poor Gen got roped into feeding Emily and then was puked on repeatedly. She never complained though!

The following are a few of the Christmas card pictures I tried taking.

She's such a doll!

Love how this one came out. You can see the adoration for her older sister in Emily's face.

Christina has gotten SO grown up!

Damn dogs just wouldn't cooperate.

This was the best I could do with the dogs.

I wish Emily had smiled in this one, or the camera had focused.

Emily opening her first Christmas card. She has a fondness for paper.

Cards taste good.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finally getting around to posting pictures

Sorry it's taken so long!! The rest of these are all from our trip to NY during Thanksgiving.

Emily at Fisher Price HQ, playing with the toys.

And playing hockey with Daddy

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Six Months!

Hope to post pictures tomorrow... but Em had her 6 month appointment today. She handled her shots like a champ. Was smiling and laughing at the doctor during the exam, then scowled at the nurse giving her the shots before crying. Poor baby.

Emily is still a peanut - measuring in a low percentile for weight, but since she's growing but still in the same percentile, the doctor isn't worried about her. She just petite. I keep telling her to enjoy it now... genetics say she will probably not stay so petite.

Anyway, some new likes, dislikes and talents-

Likes -

Daddy (really likes Daddy... new babble is da-dee-aaaaadd-ee like a song, with a BIG grin)


Solid foods- tries to eat off Mommy's plate. Loves peas, rice cereal, and bananas (babbles nananana when eating bananas, when she wants more)

fingers and toes - still REALLY likes her fingers and toes

the dogs - she often laughs at them while they're playing

Sesame Street - especially Elmo. We saw the Elmo Live doll over Thanksgiving, and it was like Emily had seen the second coming. When Elmo moved and told Emily "Elmo loves you" and blew her kisses, her chin literally dropped and she was mesmerized. Very funny!

Stuffed Lobster (thanks Grandma!)

Fisher Price Keys that play "Wheels on the Bus" - we STILL love that song. Many thanks to the saint who gave us this toy at the baby shower.

Story books. If they're board books,that's a bonus because she can chew on them. "Is Your Mama a Llama?." is still a favorite!

Fisher Price stacking stars - her chin dropped the first time she saw this toy. Now she loves hearing the music, but hasn't figured out how to stack the stars yet.

We laugh at pretty much anything now, which is a lot of fun. Peek - a -boo gets big laughs. Who knew Mommy was a comedian?

Dislikes -

Not much, as Emily is a REALLY easy going kid and very easily entertained. Doesn't like wearing her jacket (just like her sister!) and is still fighting her naps. I guess she's afraid she'll miss something.

New talents -

Eating solids - we have yet to find a food Emily doesn't like. The kid eats like a champ. She leans INTO the spoon and gets very excited over meal times that involve a spoon.

Waving - this is something she figured out today. Very cute. Funny when Mommy waves to her, and she gets excited when she waves her arm back.

Washing her tongue. This truly is as odd as it sounds. I tried washing her face last night, and each time she stuck out her tongue. I'd wash her tongue, she'd giggle, splash a little in the bath, and stick out her tongue again, waiting for the wash cloth. I have such an odd kid. Very cute, but very strange.

Log Rolling. Will just roll until she hits something that makes her stop. Not a big fan of using her legs. The pediatrician today said she's "hypotonic" - meaning her muscles are really relaxed and she's very flexible. Predicts that she may walk late.

Grabbing the dogs. Has realized if they get close enough, she can grab the very shiny, jingly things on the collar. This scared the crap out of Marty the first time. Now Emily just laughs when they lick her hands. She tries to lick them back, and thinks "the dog says 'oof'" is very funny.

I'll try and post recent pictures tomorrow. She's losing more of her baby hair, but has enough growing back in that she doesn't quite look bald.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our 5 Month Birthday!

I finally got around to bringing Em to get pictures taken.

It was timed just right.

She had puked all over her cute little outfit about 20 minutes before while Christina and I were getting haircuts (BANGS for both of us!).

5 minutes before, she had fallen asleep in my arms.

She woke up for pictures and was all smiles!

Then we had a melt down and was cranky until bed at 7 pm. Didn't help that while playing on the floor Sadie got too close and scratched her face with her big ol' paw.

But we got some good pictures from 12:30-1:15 pm!

Five Months Likes and Dislikes -

"Wheels on the Bus" - no longer cares who is singing
Any toy that makes music
Girl Scouts

Naps when at home (naps better at the sitter's - she is used to being there since I'm working a lot!)
Sadie's kisses

Monday, November 3, 2008

More pictures from Buffalo

Grandpa took some great pictures of the girls during our visit over Columbus Day weekend! Thanks, Grandpa!