Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pre Christmas pictures

Happy Holidays everyone!

Sorry for slacking as far as posting pictures goes. I'm trying to catch up!

A few from our Christmas party. I got a few of the babies, but not all the babies. At one point, there were three sitting in the dining room just chatting away with each other - all 5-6 months old. Very cute and probably a precursor to Emily's first birthday as far as guests go. What I really should have taken pictures of was the grown men pushing past children to play Guitar Hero on the Wii. That was funny!

Emily and her friend Evie (our sitter's daughter - they spend all day together)

Emily and Mommy's cousin, Gen. Poor Gen got roped into feeding Emily and then was puked on repeatedly. She never complained though!

The following are a few of the Christmas card pictures I tried taking.

She's such a doll!

Love how this one came out. You can see the adoration for her older sister in Emily's face.

Christina has gotten SO grown up!

Damn dogs just wouldn't cooperate.

This was the best I could do with the dogs.

I wish Emily had smiled in this one, or the camera had focused.

Emily opening her first Christmas card. She has a fondness for paper.

Cards taste good.

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