Thursday, June 11, 2009

One Year Stats

Still a peanut, but a bit less of a peanut.

Weight - 19 1/2 lbs... 25th percentile
Length -29 3/4 in ... 75th percentile (HUGE jump, Dr. thinks someone measured wrong either last time or this time)
Head - 17 3/4 in... 50th percentile.

She was consistently in the 5-10th percentile on height/weight until this visit. Head circumfrence has always been in 50%.

She got three shots, finger stick and a TB test. Handled all really well - well maybe the last one not so well.

She also got her first haircut. I broke down and took her to get it cut - tired of fighting the ponytail/barrette battle so she could see.

She looked so little in that chair!

Mr. Le had a TV with Barney in front of her the whole time. I'm sure that helped in keeping her so still.

Blown dry like a big girl!!

I'm still getting used to the haircut - at least three little girls, including her sister, has said she looks like a boy!

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Sara said...

So cute! Woodstock would FREAK OUT at the use of a hairdryer - she runs the other way when I even get mine out of the drawer. lol.

She is almost the exact size Woodstock was at 12 months - went from being in the 5-10% in weight to 25% at 12 months and has stayed in that bracket.