Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am remiss.

I'm sorry it takes me SOOOO long to add stuff.

Before the baptism, something HAD to be done about Emily's mullet. She had this strand of hair that was from when she was born, that was much longer than everything else. So we finally cut the mullet. Pre-cut:

And Post-cut:
And yes, the hair is in an envelope marked "EMILY'S MULLET 4/15/09" and is in her baby book.

Now, pictures from Emily's baptism weekend:

Emily and her Godfather, Bob at dinner on Friday night-

With Grandma-
And Grandpa

We had a BBQ at the house on Saturday night with the family -

Danger Baby in her swing in the backyard - loves to be pushed as high as deemed safe by Mommy.

Emily and her Godmother, Gen.

Emily and Gen's boyfriend, Beau. Emily is VERY sweet on Beau!

Grandma and Grammy

Grammy, Mommy and Emily -

Emily and her Grumpy

No pictures during the baptism, but a few from afterwards (Thanks Grandpa!). She was REALLY good - no tears, no fussing, and she didn't spit when the water hit her head, like she does in the bath. The dress had held up well - it was mine 34 years ago!!

At the party after Emily's baptism, she had her first cupcake. What a mess!

We had too much party, and we were ready for a nap. That, and vanilla icing is not good in the eye.

After dinner on Sunday night, she got to try a chocolate one. We liked chocolate much better!


Sara said...

How sweet! And I cannot believe how much you look just like your mom.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Just saw your comment on my headband giveaway. Hope you win!

I remember the mullet... Eleanor had one for a long time. She didn't actually grow hair until she turned two really... Okay - one and half - but by the time she was two she had a full on mullet. I wrote a post about her first haircut "Farewell to the Mullet." I received many commiserating comments on that one and felt quite validated.