Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Week Four or "Oh no! Colic?!"

This is pretty much how every day goes, these days. Emily is in a growth spurt so she wants to eat constantly. She's gassy, so she's uncomfortable. She's constipated, so she's REALLY uncomfortable. I think we're approaching a colic situation. If she's not eating or sleeping, she's screaming. **sigh**

Mommy went out to dinner with some friends early in the week, leaving Daddy and baby on their own (well, with a healthy supply of bottles). This is what Mommy came home to - both of them passed out. Apparently it was a rough evening of lots of screaming and Mommy is not allowed to leave them again.

We went to our first kickball game last week and our first ParrotHead event - a picnic. She did well being held by Mr. Bob at the picnic.

Then she crashed - heat, having just ate, and the over stimulation got to her.

Today, some neighbors came by with some yummy pesto and their dog for a play date. Emily was screaming when they arrived, but soon calmed down and crashed yet again - this time on Mommy.

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