Monday, July 28, 2008

The Last Swim Meet

Christina had her last swim meet of the season - the Divisional Championships. She swam in one event (an early one!!! woo hoo!) and finished in third place out of six swimmers. Unfortunately, she disqualified on a stroke (didn't do it correctly) but we were still really proud of her for finishing the IM (four strokes, four laps in the pool).

That night, there was the end of season banquet. Each kid got their ribbons from the Divisional Championships, a record with their personal records for each stroke they swam, and a "plate award". The plate award is something that Coach Dot does for EACH child on the team - she writes an award for each kid. Christina got the "Most Enthusiastic" award from Coach Dot - noting that at each meet, Christina was always eager to compete and always gave 100% at meets and practices. We are VERY proud of our Broyhill Crest Barracuda!

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