Thursday, July 3, 2008

The problem with the swing

Emily is now getting to a size that she enjoys being in the swing. She likes the motion and the sounds that it plays - either classical music or nature sounds. She even likes looking at the animals on top of the swing. Sounds great, right? However, when I walk away it can be quiet for some time, or I hear an ear-piercing scream, indicating an issue.

There is a problem with using the swing, as predicted. You see, the swing is the same height as the dogs. Marty just sits and watches the swing. Sadie views the swing as making her access to Emily much easier. She stands in front of the swing, waiting for Emily to come to her. Then she goes full force - or should I say, full tongue - at the poor baby.
We've had a relatively good evening tonight. She got a full bottle of formula from Daddy while Mommy ran out to the grocery store. She was full of bodily activity following that - pooped (finally!!) and spit up. She did sit through our dinner without screaming though.

When Mommy was finished eating, Emily got a new outfit and new diaper. That, of course, means it's time to pass out.

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