Friday, April 8, 2011

Hanna Anderson, Eat your heart out!

I recently saw the new line of pillowcase dresses that Hanna Anderson has for the spring. $28 bucks.

"I can do that!" I think to myself.

3 hours (interrupted - could probably make this in half the time if it weren't for "have a tea party, mom?" and "put on my movie, mom!"), some old ribbon, and a $2.99 fabric flat in some of Emmy's favorite colors and voila!

The dress is blue and green retro flower print. Very Lilly Pulitzer looking. Used a pink polka dot ribbon and some scrap pink fabric for the bias on the arm holes.

Suck it, Hanna.

Emily has picked out a pink print with green ribbon for her next dress. I think I will try after she's asleep though.

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Nicole said...

I need a lesson please :)