Saturday, December 5, 2009

18 Month Checkup

We're now 31 inches long, weigh 21 lb 12 oz, and have a head circumference of 18 1/2.

That's about 25% for height, 50% for weight (finally!) and still 50% for head. We're getting to be more average.

Had four shots - for the first time, she connected the two together and after the first one, had to be held down. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree on that front (I was a TERRIBLE shot taker!). Finally got her flu shots (regular and Swine). No side effects!

She still has a VERY extensive vocabulary that seems to have just exploded in the last two weeks. On Thursday, she asked Mommy for panties instead of a diaper. I don't think she's quite ready yet, but bought some Elmo and Zoe panties anyway. She was so proud of herself walking around the house in them on Friday night!!!

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Heather said...

Yeah Emily! V. loves her Tinkerbell panties.