Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Years and Fun with Food

For New Year's Eve, our friends and their kids came to celebrate. We ate, danced for hours, played the Wii, and almost everyone made it to midnight (the two boys didn't).

Photos from the dance party:

Emily just kind of watched. She occasionally bounced around in her exersaucer, but she mostly just watched the big girls dance.

Bumbo seats are NOT made for 5 year old boys.

We've been having fun exploring solid foods. Emily still loves to sit in her high chair and eat.

This day, we had prunes! She goes "num num num num" as she eats something she likes. She will get excited and motion with her hands when she wants more.

Here, she's laughing at Sadie trying to lick the baby food off her hands, and eventually her face.
And when we get tired of waiting for Mommy to bring the spoon to her, she will suck on the side of the high chair. I guess it feels good on her gums?

Here she is enjoying dinner.

Making a total mess, and getting tired.
But look who is feeding her!!! As Emily is getting older, and more interactive, Christina is taking a little more interest in her sister. So the other night, as I was trying to feed Emily and get our dinner made, Christina offered to feed the baby. And notice, she's SMILING while feeding Emily!!!

Also note, the dogs are hovering. Circling Emily like vultures. They sit and wait for Emily to lean over the side, smile and put out her hand to pet the dogs, then they lick all the food off her little fingers. If she leans over too far, they hop up and get the food on her face too. It's a nightmare!

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