Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Photos and videos

All are just random pictures and videos of Emily during the day.

We definitely have a thumb-sucker.

Sadie still thinks she tastes good.

Here she was giggling at the toy dangling over her head.

She's discovered if she moves enough and grabs at the toys, the seat makes noise, lights up and moves. This entertains her for about 10 minutes.

More time on the mat.

Tummy time! She will tolerate being on her tummy for about 5 minutes, max. She starts trying to roll over, gets frustrated and screams instead for Mommy to turn her over. She wants to move though... she's grabbing at the mat to pull herself forward.

I think in this picture she was deep in conversation with the doll on the left and the Zebra rattle on the right.

More thumb sucking on the floor.

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