Monday, April 28, 2008

Why are we here and what am I writing about?

I've set this blog up, very simply, to keep family and friends up to date on our news. It's hard when a family grows - as ours is getting an addition in a matter of weeks - and the extended family is far away. So I've set this up so everyone can get pictures and news in one place. Made sense at the time. I just have to remember to update regularly.

So we currently are a family of three - five if you count the family pupsters.

There's me - 33; Jersey girl; working part-time as a social studies teacher.

There's Dad - 35; originally from Buffalo; works in computer system security.

There's Big Sister - 9 going on 29; loves animals and dancing.

The dogs -
Marty who is a 7 year old 20 lb German Shepherd/Jack Russell/ Chihuahua mix who loves to wear accessories and bark at anything and everything - and Sadie who is a 2 year old 70 lb hound mix who is pretty laid back but doesn't know how to appropriately show her excitement when people come to visit.

And finally, we have a baby girl on the way. She's due on June 7, and we're all anxious to meet her!

Again, I hope to keep this as up to date as possible. Forgive me if I get too distracted by all that goes on around me!

I don't really have any updates for today. Went to the doctor. Said everything is going as it should be, and they'll see me in two weeks. I'll be close to 37 weeks pregnant at that appointment. Could have chosen an appointment earlier in the week, but I'm not a fan of the doctor available that day. Dad is taking a business trip next week, which has me a little worried, given my low energy levels and there's a lot going on with Girl Scouts and other after-school activities while he's gone. But we'll be okay, I'm sure. I just have to try and take it as slow and easy as possible to avoid catastrophe.

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